Thursday, June 7, 2007

Episode 5 : Learning Japanese

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This week we chat with much enthusiasm about learning Japanese. Chris, Colin x 2, Brandon and Doug cover methods, books, web resources and throw in a few funny stories to boot.

We quoted some web resources for learning Japanese. The links for those sites are below.

Colin H recommends:
Nihongo jouzu
Chris H recommends:
Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary Server
Brandon recommends:
The Kanji Site
Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese
Colin J recommends:
Japanese Pod 101

Thanks for listening.

Podcast June 7th


Jason H. said...

I'd like to add a note of reassurance to those new JETs coming over with little or no Japanese ability... At the Tokyo Orientation you will be given a small book called a JET Diary - it is a wonderful and life-saving font of information. One particularly helpful thing for your first week, when you're meeting new co-workers at school and the BoE is a section with all the set phrases you need to know, such as "douzo yoroshiku" (learn that one!). And even more, it has a great little 3 line speech about how happy you are to be in Japan and how you hope to meet everyone and have a good time working together - read it and memorize it - it's a winner!

Good Luck!
-Jason in Taisha, Shimane ken

JET 2007 Podcast said...

Good call, the Jet diary is pretty useful, memorize it quickly though as those things have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle with the other ten million pieces of paper youll get at orientation

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