Monday, July 16, 2007

Our last podcast.... for now

Sorry we have been away for 2 weeks. This weeks short podcast is the last in this year's series. We just want to thank everyone for their support over the past 2 months. We couldn't have provided the answers without the questions you asked. We hope you enjoyed it.
If there are any lingering comments or questions then send us an email. If we get enough we might do a quick mail bag next week.
Its been fun.
We hope all the new JET s have a great time when they arrive in Japan next month. July 14th.mp3

Monday, July 2, 2007

Episode 8 - Driving in Japan

This week we cover a topic that is going to be very important to many of you who will be living in the Inaka; driving in Japan. So fasten your seatbelts as we take you on a tour of the do's and don'ts from driving in Japan. We cover licences, buying and owning a car, shakken, road conditions and what to do after one year when your IDP runs out.


Podcast June 30th.mp3

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode 7 - Cell phones and Orientation

Sorry it has taken us so long to get this latest episode to you. Hopefully the it will be useful to you as we cover all your cell phone questions and we have an argument in Japanese (Colin H was right - it is shomesho!).
We also blow the lid off orientation and Chris has a confession about his first few days in Japan.
Until next week.......

Enjoy 23rd podcast.mp3

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Episode 6 :Girls only beyond this point

That right, the podcast this week has been taken over by women. Perhaps only relevant to those of the female sex, this week is a 101 to living in Japan for the girls.
In all seriousness we think that there is loads of useful information in here and we hope our listeners enjoy it.
Guys, by all means have a listen however you might to go chop wood or fix a car afterwards, just to cancel things out.

Remember to email us your questions at

June 14th Podcast.mp3

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mini Podcast: Colins Homestay story

Hey whats up just dropping off a quick story about my time with my host family. Our prefecture arranges host familys on a volunteer basis and Im lucky enough to have a host family who lives in a 400 year old buddhist temple, how cool is that. Even though I made myself look stupid at the home stay family halloween party, I really love my homestay experience and If you get a chance to do one, you should really give it a try!

Colins special podca..>

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Episode 5 : Learning Japanese

Welcome back to the Jet 2007 Podcast. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far. All 1100 of you! That's huge. We are so thankful to our listeners so keep those emails coming in to

This week we chat with much enthusiasm about learning Japanese. Chris, Colin x 2, Brandon and Doug cover methods, books, web resources and throw in a few funny stories to boot.

We quoted some web resources for learning Japanese. The links for those sites are below.

Colin H recommends:
Nihongo jouzu
Chris H recommends:
Jim Breen's Japanese Dictionary Server
Brandon recommends:
The Kanji Site
Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese
Colin J recommends:
Japanese Pod 101

Thanks for listening.

Podcast June 7th

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode 4: The first day at work

In this our 4th episode we start to broach the massive subject that is being an ALT in Japan. With 7 people in the studio you are going to hear about lots of different experiences from our first days as ALTs. There were perhaps too many of us in the studio! Sorry if we talk over the top of each other.
We also answer some of your email and discuss electronic dictionaries.

This week we broke the 500 mark for subscribers to the podcast. Thanks to everyone who has put us on your itunes podcast list and also thanks to all those people who have sent us email. Keep spreading the word.

If you have a blog then please put the site in your links section.

Also, we know that a lot of current JETs listen in Japan so we are giving you the opportunity to say hi to the new ALTs who are coming to your prefecture before they arrive in Japan. You can do this in a number of ways; by sending us an email which we can read on air, by recording a short audio file and sending us the MP3, or by getting in touch with us to set up a phone call. We'd love to have as many people involved in the show as possible and that shouldn't be limited by where you are in Japan.

We'd especially love to hear from JETs who are in some strange places in Japan. So, if you have an interesting story that you would like to share then get in touch.

Thanks for listening. May 31st.mp3

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Special Podcast - technical high schools

hey guys colin hood here. we got some emails about how a normal day in japan goes down so as a result i took control of the podcast hahahaha. this is a brief little podcast about a normal day for me, with a slight focus on technical high schools and how to wint he eharts and minds of a room full of nonplussed teenage boys.
join the club activity
try biking to work
learn japanese
make friends with the sports coaches
its a little slow but tis an exact recounting of a normal day for me....minus the naps of course

Download it Podcast colins solo day.mp3

Episode 3: Your emails, omiyage and banks

Hello everyone.
Well this week we spent most of our time answering your emails and Colin grilled our Shana on being a woman. Also we taked abpout omiyage, banks and Colin gave us his shoe guide.
I think it might be a bit quiet so turn up that volume, kick back and hear us roar!

Send us your questions to

Also, if you are currently an in-country JET and you want to plug your prefecture then send us an email with your prefecture's shout-out.

Thanks for listening.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our listeners so far...

Thanks everyone who has downloaded us so far. We have had a great response and we though we would show you just how international we are. These are the locations of today's guests!

Keep the questions coming in.
This saturday we'll touch again on things to bring (this time with some female input!) and we'll talk about sending stuff from your home country to Japan.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Episode 2 : Money and Packing

This week the 5 of us discuss packing and money. What to bring, what not to bring and how much cold hard cash to save.
Download it here or else just put your email in the field at the right and you'll get an email everytime a new podcast is uploaded. Your email will not be stored by us or any evil companies!
Remember you can subscribe in itunes also.

In the podcast I mentioned the JET General Information Handbook. Its PDF version can be found at

Please send us your comments and suggestions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The itunes podcast directory link

Click on this link if you have itunes and want to be taken to our page within the intues music store.

Our first (proper) podcast

This is our first offical podcast recorded on Saturday May 12th. This week we have a telephone interview with AJET Chair Rosalyn Adams. We chat about AJET and its usefuleness to JETs in Japan.

Download it here!

Please send us your questions to or leave us a comment on the blog.

Remember that you can subscribe to the podcast through the itunes music store. Just search for "jet japan" and look for our logo.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Technical Stuff

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Any questions or comments please email us.

Our podcast preview

This was recorded a few weeks ago as a teaser for the podcast. The presenters were Colin j, Chris H, Colin H and Doug G.

mp3 file

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The email and site are wrong. The email address is

Welcome to the blog and podcast

Welcome to the JET Newbie podcast. This podcast is for all those new ALTs coming to Japan in July and August of 2007 on the Japan Exchange and Teaching programme. We will be covering many aspects of the living and working in Japan as it relates to JET participants. We hope that this podcast will be as interactive as possible so please email us at or else leave us a comment. Suggestions, questions and general banter are encouraged. Hit the subscribe button to access the podcast through iTunes so you are always up-to-date. This podcast if produced in conjunction with Fukui JETs.