Thursday, June 14, 2007

Episode 6 :Girls only beyond this point

That right, the podcast this week has been taken over by women. Perhaps only relevant to those of the female sex, this week is a 101 to living in Japan for the girls.
In all seriousness we think that there is loads of useful information in here and we hope our listeners enjoy it.
Guys, by all means have a listen however you might to go chop wood or fix a car afterwards, just to cancel things out.

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June 14th Podcast.mp3


Levia said...

The show was very informative...kudos to the ladies! I just wanted to make the comment that there are many things that are different depending on where you live in Japan (every situation is different). I am 3rd year ALT in Okinawa-ken. So the things you mentioned about tatoos, tanktops, perfumes, waxing (esthetic salons), etc are not issues here.

paola said...