Thursday, May 31, 2007

Episode 4: The first day at work

In this our 4th episode we start to broach the massive subject that is being an ALT in Japan. With 7 people in the studio you are going to hear about lots of different experiences from our first days as ALTs. There were perhaps too many of us in the studio! Sorry if we talk over the top of each other.
We also answer some of your email and discuss electronic dictionaries.

This week we broke the 500 mark for subscribers to the podcast. Thanks to everyone who has put us on your itunes podcast list and also thanks to all those people who have sent us email. Keep spreading the word.

If you have a blog then please put the site in your links section.

Also, we know that a lot of current JETs listen in Japan so we are giving you the opportunity to say hi to the new ALTs who are coming to your prefecture before they arrive in Japan. You can do this in a number of ways; by sending us an email which we can read on air, by recording a short audio file and sending us the MP3, or by getting in touch with us to set up a phone call. We'd love to have as many people involved in the show as possible and that shouldn't be limited by where you are in Japan.

We'd especially love to hear from JETs who are in some strange places in Japan. So, if you have an interesting story that you would like to share then get in touch.

Thanks for listening. May 31st.mp3

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